One of our most used interiors are foam inserts. These consist of foam and are tailor-made. They are well suited to transport valuable or sensitive equipment safely. Indeed, once stored inside the foam, the equipment is well-protected and shocks and vibrations are reduced to a minimum.

A foam interior is also suitable for storage of solid equipment. In that case, the foam insert allows you at a glance to see if your equipment is complete or if something is missing. This can be useful for tool cases or applications in the rental sector.

Our foam inserts are integrated in flight cases, cases and drawers. They are always custom-made and manufactured with great precision. Our foam inserts are first digitally drawn and then machine-made. This results in a highly accurate custom foam that matches the shape of your equipment perfectly. You can contact us for a single or a series of custom interiors.

Depending on the application, we use different foam densities. It is also possible to combine several colours. For instance, you can opt for a black top layer and a coloured bottom layer, so a missing item will be even more noticeable.

We are able to produce almost any shape, while guaranteeing you a detailed result. Our inserts are suitable both for small and for large objects and are used in various sectors.

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