“OmniCase” is the name of K-Teg’s own flight case range. This product line includes a wide choice of flight cases and racks with standardized sizes. The whole OmniCase range is built on three universal dimensions: 60cm, 80cm and 120cm.

The common thread throughout the OmniCase product range is always a quickly available, solid solution. All standard flight cases are made from high quality materials and manufactured in our own workshop in Hasselt. They have the same characteristics and the same quality as our customised solutions.

Just like our custom flight cases, the OmniCase flight cases are designed from an ergonomic point of view. They are easy to use and structured in a well thought-out and logical way. It is also possible to integrate a custom interior in any OmniCase flight.

The OmniCase range consists of a number of categories, including OmniTrunks, StudioRacks, 19” flights and Slamdoor Racks. These are all standard solutions that allow you to store and transport your equipment in a safe and well-organized way. 

The range of standard packaging solutions continues to evolve and expand thanks to the experience we gain every day by working together with you.

Our OmniCase flight cases are highly demanded in the audio-visual industry and the rental sector. But they also have applications in other markets. A complete overview of all OmniCase articles can be found on our OmniCase website.



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