K-Teg stands for innovative, customised packaging and transport solutions with applications in various markets. We specialise in manufacturing flight cases, foam interiors and cases made of HPX® resin, with or without an interior solution. We mainly develop customised solutions to protect and transport your material safely.

In addition to custom solutions, K-Teg can offer you standard solutions under its own brand name “OmniCase”. This range includes cases based on three fixed, universal sizes: 60,80 and 120cm. The OmniCase range only consists of standard cases and is ideal for those looking for a fast, reliable solution. Every OmniCase flight case can be equipped with a tailor-made interior.

When designing an appropriate packaging solution, we will work with you to find the best suitable solution. K-Teg uses the most advanced and innovative materials available on the market. And this at the best value for money. 

K-Teg attaches great importance to good communication with its customers and partners. We also value a custom-oriented service. As we try to establish a long-term relationship based on mutual trust with each of our customers, we prefer the term partnerships instead of client relations.

K-Teg is located in Hasselt. In 20 years, the company has built a solid reputation on the European flight case market.



K-TEG bv  Kiewitstraat 187 I 3500 Hasselt I Tel. 011 23 66 66 I  info@k-teg.com