The Video & Broadcast industry is an important market for K-Teg. Within this market we create global solutions based on creative and innovative designs. Flight cases, trolleys and Peli Storm cases are among the many possibilities, with or without an interior insert.

Whether cameras, tripods, screens or lenses are concerned, K-Teg offers a customised solution. As we carefully archive each flight case and each solution we make, it is easy to reorder an existing case. We can simply recreate your flight case or packaging solution, without measuring the equipment to be packaged.

Together with you we also design mobile video studios. These practical, well thought-out solutions focus on ergonomics. Unlike a flight case, a mobile video studio is a real work tool, equipped with sliding shelves and built-in screens. When realising a video studio, we always try to design a solution that is easy to use, while respecting the logical order and providing the necessary protection to your equipment.

For any application K-Teg offers a suitable solution. For example, if your equipment is transported by plane, we consider the maximal dimensions and we always try to elaborate the most compact and lightweight solution.

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