Did you know that flight cases have their origin in the sound & light industry? The roots of the flight case date back to the 70’s, when flight cases first made their entry in the rock ‘n’ roll. Thanks to their versatility and robustness, they have been frequently used ever since on and off the stage for storing and transporting sound & light equipment. 

K-Teg’s first activity in the early 90’s, was producing flight cases for the rock ‘n’ roll industry. Nowadays, flight cases have a wide scope that goes far beyond the area of rock ‘n’ roll. They are used in various industries and markets.

K-Teg is specialised in custom-made flight cases with different applications in the sound & light industry. For instance we produce a lot of flight cases for sound and light mixing tables. We also pack speakers, lamps and other sound & light equipment. A custom interior is often added to the flight case.

Besides custom solutions, K-Teg has also developed a range of standardised flight cases known as “OmniCase”. This range consists only of cases with fixed dimensions, including StageRacks, DrawerCases, OmniTrunks, 19”Racks and StudioRacks.

OmniCase flight cases are manufactured in the K-Teg workshop, according to our production methods and high quality standards. The standard range continues to grow and expand through the experience we gain every day.

This product line has the great advantage that it is based on universal dimensions and it is quickly available. A detailed overview can be found on the OmniCase website

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