Are you looking for a customised solution for storing and transporting medical devices? K-Teg realises tailored solutions, in which we can integrate an interior, also custom-made. A foam interior is a shock-absorbing solution, so sensitive equipment remains fully protected at all times.

As packaging solutions such as flight cases must meet hygiene requirements, these are taken into account in the design. We also make sure that the flight case or packaging solution is very easy to handle. We can for example integrate a ramp into the flight case, which facilitates taking in and out a large device.

Since hygiene is essential for medical applications, we are particularly attentive to this aspect. Our solutions are manufactured in the best conditions, with a minimum of dust. Therefore, it could be that two interiors are made with two completely different processes, depending on the market and application. For instance, you can opt for laser engraving or water jet cutting rather than milling.

In consultation with you, we elaborate a tailor-made solution that meets your exact needs and wishes. The outside of the case can be realised in different laminate colours. A personalised print, engraving or custom sticker can also be added.

Our solutions are adapted to a wide range of applications. They are often designed for demonstration units, training sets, product presentations and for devices that regularly need to be transported from one location to another. But also service departments rely on us for example to transport replacement devices and to design and produce a toolbox.

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