Mobile video equipment

K-Teg creates innovative, user-friendly solutions for video equipment. These solutions can be divided into mobile video production units, which offer a total solution. And into custom flight 

cases and lightweight protector cases, both of which are ideally suited to transport video equipment such as cameras and accessories.

Providing all types of video material on site and installing it quickly and easily. These are the keywords that are important to us and around which our solutions are developed. Customization is the common thread throughout our solutions.

A mobile video production unit is a compact, integrated solution for video equipment on site. Whether it’s a technical rack, a screen, a keypad or peripheral accessories, everything is integrated into it. This all-in-one solution is custom made and meets the highest expectations in terms of ease of use and functionality. Each unit is designed in a way that a minimum number of persons is required and the installation can be done in no time.

When only a part of the set has to be packed, a custom flight case is an adequate solution. For instance, a camera and its accessories can be packed in it. The outer size of a camera case will be determined in function of the size of the video equipment, with the intention of packing the equipment as efficiently as possible, while maintaining a clear overview. The interior consists of foam, carpet or wood, or a combination of these materials.

An alternative to a custom flight is a Peli case. Compared to a flight case, a Peli case is much lighter and more suitable for transport by car or plane. It is made of HPX Resin and has fixed external dimensions, which is not the case for a flight case. The preference is given to the trolley models with telescoping handle.  This solution is ideal for cameras and other video equipment.

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