Mobile video production unit

bewerkt videoregie

K-Teg has created a new series of mobile video production units. More than the previous models, these mobile solutions 

look more like an ingenious piece of furniture with a high aesthetic value than a simple flight case. Nevertheless, the ultrashort build-up time and the ergonomics of the previous range are maintained.

To build up this production unit, less effort, less time and less manpower than usually is required. The unit is compact and ready to use, which is very convenient for those who have little time to build up the video production unit. In addition to the functionality, that we always considered important, the latest new production units have evolved in several areas.

The aesthetic aspect plays a bigger role. The screen lift has is even better integrated. Moreover, it is possible to enlarge the table. In this project, a solid oak tablet, that has been aged, was used.

A mobile video production unit is always tailor-made. 



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