Trekpak™ divider system

Some time ago, Peli introduced Trekpak™, a new divider system. This customizable divider set can be placed in a Peli or Peli Storm case. The Trekpak™

divider set is easy to put together. It allows you to make a division that fully meets your needs and that remains customizable afterwards. The divider set is suitable for storing tools and small equipment.

K-Teg offers a Trekpak™ divider system for the following Storm Case models:  iM2950, iM2720, iM2620, iM2600, iM2500, iM2450, iM2400, iM2300, iM2200. The Trekpak system uses preinstalled wall sections, divider panels with different lengths, U-pins to lock the panels in place, a convoluted lid foam and a bottom foam. To remove the pins from the panels, simply attach a red ribbon to the pin. This way, you can reconfigure your suitcase at any time.

It’s easy to cut the dividers to size, with the supplied cutter tool. Additional distribution panels are available separately.




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