Reductions Dirty Rigger and Peli ProGear




K-Teg provides additional discounts on items from the Dirty Rigger glove range and the ProGear brand, the Peli consumer range. We are official distributor of those two brands. The high quality British Dirty .... 

Rigger gloves focus on light and sound technicians. The brand offers a complete assortment. For each task, there is an appropriate work glove. There are for example 'framer' gloves that do not cover the tips of the thumb, forefinger and middle finger. They are ideal for light work. In addition to the classic gloves, there are also fingerless gloves. These types exist in different versions: comfort fit, leather grip, ... There is also a special range for women. 

Another interesting brand is Peli ProGear. It includes backpacks, phone covers and mini cases, and targets the consumer market. The range was developed by Peli and is characterized by the Peli quality. 

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